Western Research Park

Park Team

Paul Paolatto

Paul Paolatto, Executive Director

Phone: 519-850-2307 

Email: ppaolat@uwo.ca

Julia Hoare

Julia Hoare, Director, Finance and Administration 

Phone: 519-858-5066

Email: jhoare@westernresearchparks.ca

Jennifer Dawe

Jennifer Dawe, Director, Client Services

Phone: 519-858-5136

Email: jdawe@westernresearchparks.ca

Terry King

Terry King, Facilities Manager 

Phone: 519-617-0616

Email: tking@westernresearchparks.ca

Sarah Browning

Sarah Browning, Client Relations and Marketing Coordinator

Phone: 519-661-4290

Email: sbrowning@westernresearchparks.ca

Matt Diesbourg

Matt Diesbourg, Facilities Coordinator

Phone: 519-709-0760

Email: mdiesbourg@westernresearchparks.ca